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  • KEYWORDS: Natural resources
  • POSSIBLE/CURRENT USER: Public institutions , Research Institutions
  • FREQUENCY OF UPDATE: Several times a day

Digimat is developing in collaboration with CNR, ImpresaAmbiente and Openet Technologies a platform based on SDI paradigm and oriented to management of facilities for solar energy production (SolarCloud platform). The platform will be interoperable with both remote sensing and on site sensing platform and is compliant with OGC standards.

The SolarCloud aims to supply cloud services for the estimation and prediction of the primary source for the production of solar energy.

In particular, following service will be supplied:

  • Real-time monitoring of solar radiation and relative production of electric energy.
  • Forecast of periods of low production, malfunctions diagnostic and alarms generation.
  • Forecast of solar radiation and energy production on an hourly basis up to 72 hours.

The platform will be designed in order to allow the integration of new processors (software able to process spatial data in accordance of analysis models) that are co-localised with the platform or on remote sites compliant with OGC standard. This made the platform to be easily expandable to supply new monitoring and decision support services in monitoring energy faclilities.

The monitoring platform will be developed in the paradigm of smart cities using cloud methodology.

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